The Golden Key

Last weekend, at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was given what I now refer to as “the golden key.” It is a technique that allows me direct communication with Abba, Jeshua, my higher self, the angels, the guides – whomever shows up to help. I am ecstatic beyond measure.

My two besties, David and Betsy, went with me to the Emotion Code conference for a full day of learning from Dr. Bradley Nelson, the man who developed this program, and wrote a book of the same name. I loved his presentation because of his humility. His favorite saying is: “I just work here,” meaning that the real healing comes from Source, God, the Universe – whatever one wants to call it. His technique includes locating a trapped emotion, and releasing it with a very simple technique involving a magnet (a refrigerator magnet works perfectly).

Many practitioners I know use muscle testing for getting answers from the client/subject’s higher consciousness. I’ve tried a number of different ways, but “Dr. Brad” showed one I had not seen before that worked perfectly. Hold one elbow tightly into your side, extend your hand out so that your lower arm is at 90 degrees to your upper arm. Put two fingers from your opposite hand just above the wrist bones of the extended hand. Say, “yes,” and press firmly on your extended hand for the count of two. Your response should be strong, in that your arm stays straight. Say “no,” and your hand should drop down with no more pressure than you applied to the yes. This is muscle testing. Any false or untrue statement will cause the electrical circuitry in your body to break, making it not possible for you to hold your solid position if you lie, or if you are asking if something is good for you and it is not. Your higher self knows all. And this technique, at least for me, confirms the positives and the negatives.

Since discovering this, I have felt an open line of communication with all of those who are doing their best to help me. I can’t yet distinguish “who’s who” and I don’t even know if that is important. What I do know is that I’ve achieved a number of things I’ve been searching for for a very long time. I no longer feel alone. I believe in my heart that I have true and loving guidance for EVERYTHING that I question. I’ve been using Dr. Brad’s technique for clearing some very old, stuck emotions in me, and I feel completely different. I no longer have depression; I no longer have low self-esteem; I no longer suffer from heartache. I see life as a miracle. Just this afternoon, I noticed that all the leaves on the aspen trees in front my home are shaped like hearts. I see that now. I could not see that before.

I now greet Abba, Jeshua, and all the host of heaven every morning with love and joy in my heart. I ask for their guidance, that they allow me to be a clear channel for their wisdom and grace. I finally see myself as a beloved child of creation, destined for connection with my fellow “earth angels.”

I invite you to practice this technique. If you need more information, I suggest you go to and find out how you can acquire this wisdom, or locate a practitioner near you for a reading. I assure you that it will benefit you immensely.

Keep up the quest, my friends. The Creator is closer to you than your own breath. Find that connection. Revel in that Love. It is all as Jeshua has told us.

Lightworkers along the way

In my quest to find the “right” way along the path to peace, I am continually amazed at how many light workers are out there to help along my journey.

Last week I had two readings on Thursday. The morning one was with a local woman who does “Emotion Code” work, and the afternoon one was a phone reading from a Fort Collins intuitive.

Emotion Code work is the result of the insight and book by the same name from chiropractor Bradley Nelson. He has found a way to release “stuck” emotions from people using magnets along the “Governing Meridian” that goes from your upper lip, straight over the top of your head to the base of your spine. The Emotion Code practitioner I saw was able to release at least 25 stuck emotions, most of them my own, some of them inherited. Her technique was efficient. Her demeanor was one of gratitude and humility. It was a gift to be in her presence.

In the afternoon, I received a reading from an intuitive in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had met her several weeks prior at the bookstore where I work sporadically, and as I believe in “fate,” there are no chance encounters. I knew I needed a reading from her.

Her reading confirmed what I had learned that morning, and more so. Her reading told me that I need to pursue getting certified in Emotion Code work so that I can help others. She even brought through my good friend, Evelyn, whose passing last November brought me much consternation and dismay. We had a bit of a three-way communication, and were able to laugh about it all. It was enlightening, heartening and comforting.

I believe with my whole heart that Jeshua’s message is the guiding light in all things. But I have also found that, in this incarnation, it is imperative to connect with human talents to help me find my way. I am so grateful to my “Way of Mastery” study group, with whom I convene monthly, to help me stay on track. But I also realize that there are those on this plane who are here to help as well. For them I am grateful, too.

“The Way is Easy and Without Effort”

Our Way of Mastery study group met last Sunday to discuss Lesson 10, “The Way is Easy and Without Effort.” This appeared to me to be where “the rubber meets the road.” Jeshua is asking us to spend seven weeks preparing to become the Christ, and he is very specific in his instructions. They are simple – spend five minutes every day after your meditation being the mind of Christ. Be the creator, as your Source created you. And after seven weeks, allow yourself to be re-birthed as Christ. Find a place to overlook your physical world, rise before dawn and make your way to that place. Close your eyes, and bask in the warmth of the rising sun as you greet this new “birth” day. Jeshua asks us to say within ourselves:

“Death has occurred, and now the birth of Christ is at hand. Father, I accept fully your will for me. Your will is only that I be happy and use time to extend my treasure.
Now I receive the warmth of your Light and your Love.”

I have not yet chosen my new “birth” day, but one in our group told us that his will be April 1. I teased him that the day was “April Fools’ Day” and he was able to set me straight on that. According to this student, April 1 used to be the first day of the new year, until Emperor Janus changed it to the first of January, in honor of his own name. Those who still clung to the April 1 date were considered “April Fools.” Who knew? So now I see the appropriateness of his choice of dates – a new year, indeed.

As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with the worthiness of becoming as Jeshua asks. Fortunately, there are others who have wrestled with this as well, and have written and spoken most eloquently on how to heal that.

I recently discovered writer and teacher, Adyashanti, whose Buddhist name translates to “primordial peace.” He has a two-CD set, “Healing the Core Wound of Unworthiness” and a great book titled Resurrecting Jesus. One of the issues he points out in both works is the difference between the Eastern and Western approaches to the idea of separation. In Buddhist thinking, it is just a misguided idea, one that is simply not true.

In Western religion, it is a fatal flaw. It is the original sin, one that we brought upon ourselves, and there is no getting over it. We’re born in sin, we spend our whole lives trying to deserve or win God’s attention, but in the end, we must confess our sins or go straight to hell. No wonder we’re afraid of death, and no wonder that many of us feel unworthy of the Love of our Creator.

And here is where Jeshua’s teachings, all so compassionate and loving and present, are here to help us out of that pit. He asks only that we sit for five minutes a day, being the Mind of Christ.

Jeshua elaborates and encourages us to say these things to ourselves: “I am already that which I seek. I need only allow it to guide me. While this body lasts, I will allow it to be a communication device that extends the treasure of perfect Love, perfect safety, and perfect peace to all who enter my [presence].”

A last quote from our brother and friend:

“This Earth is a beautiful place, but it is only a pale reflection of the radiant, transcendent beauty of the good and the holy that pervades my Father’s creation. Love it, embrace it, thank it, but do not cling to it.

Learn, then, to teach only Love.”

Creating as God

My Way of Mastery discussion group met last Sunday to discuss Lesson 9 of the book. I’m finding Jeshua’s messages and insights to be particularly helpful in light of what I see as a “chaotic energetic swirl” that seems to have enveloped our world in the last several months.

At the end of Lesson 8, he reminded us that: “…I come not to bring peace to the world, but to shake it up so that those beings that make up the world can discover where true peace is truly hidden – within themselves. And where Heaven abides – within themselves. And where Christ lives – within themselves.”

In Lesson 9, Jeshua speaks of truly experiencing enlightenment. “Nothing can be said to exist – for you – until you have tasted the lived experience of it.” You can’t just nod your head and say, “Oh, yeah, I’ve felt it, I think, and nodded my head when others have spoken of union with God.” And then he asks: “Do you abide in a lived experience of these things?”

If your internal answer is “no” then he states, “…there must be something that you have valued other than enlightenment that you are insisting remains in place in your consciousness. What is it? Search it out, find it and decide whether you still want it.”

The group discussion focused on how much we distract ourselves with “worldly” things. Yes, I want to follow Jeshua’s suggestion to sit five minutes a day “as a Christ” but my mind runs headlong over cobblestone streets – as a distraction; or flies off into space to ponder the wonders there – as a distraction. My ego fears its replacement/destruction and throws up all sorts of distractions. I am amazed by the amount of energy needed to stay focused.

Recently, I’ve been reading a book by Adyashanti on The Resurrection of Jesus. Here is an ardent Buddhist student who is drawn to the story of Jesus’ life and the insights provided by his teachings. After he had been meditating and practicing Buddhist mindset for more than a dozen years, he attended a week-long meditation retreat that left him so restless he had to leave. But when he got home, a voice told him to go to his meditation center in his back yard, and as love poured into him through the top of his head, the voice said, “This is how I love you, and this is how you will love all people and all things.”

Despite this amazing insight, he later found that during group meditation, an entity he labeled “arrogant guy” would show up internally in his meditation and congratulate him on being “so much more advanced” than the other participants. He was aghast at this entity, and tried to wish him/force him/ignore him/love him away, all to no avail. Eventually, he was able to just “be” with the entity, which then dissolved away, but the lesson, I think, is this: Even if we become enlightened, we have to be vigilant, and we have to stay aware. And we must stay centered in our hearts. Our logic cannot find the way.

Jeshua’s message at the end of Lesson 9 is very clear.

“For what I specifically seek to do in The Way of Mastery…is the birthing of a multitude of Christs that dwell upon your Earth at the same time. It has never been done before!

Imagine a world with ten million awakened children of God – fully awake – not just as a belief or an idea, but who have mastered fear, who no longer live in doubt whatsoever, and who are busy creating universes that mirror perfectly the Kingdom of Heaven. Imagine it – if you dare!”

Then he suggests practicing for the next 30 days to sit for five minutes a day creating your world as a “Christ.” Just five minutes a day – how would I create my tomorrow? How would I envision a new universe if I would create as God? The opportunities are endless.

The Pool of Awareness

Last Sunday, despite a snowstorm and very icy streets, three intrepid souls showed up at my home for a lengthy discussion of Lesson 8 of The Way of Mastery, “Dropping Pebbles into the Pool of Awareness.”

Jeshua is kind but adamant in his direction that not one of us is a victim of our circumstances. We choose what to allow into our awareness (items he refers to as pebbles), and from these we form beliefs, ideas, and ways of being that we adhere to, sometimes with little understanding.

Jeshua’s message seemed especially timely after the pain of losing my friend to bone cancer, and the chaotic swirl that has followed the outcome of presidential election. He stresses that we are connected to the web of relationships all the time, even if we are unaware of the connections. But the main point is that we bring all these events and ideas into our lives, and that we give them power over ourselves because we often want to claim the “victim” status. All events are neutral, he reminds us, but our judging mind considers everything from the standpoint of “good” or “bad.” This also includes “better” or “worse” as in our comparisons with others, and “useful” or “frivolous” based on our judgments. At times, I am overcome by how busy my mind is with all this judging.

He lovingly and playfully reminds us that “Surrender, then, is the process in which you finally relent; you give up resisting the fact of your very existence” as a beloved, wise and worthwhile child of God, and that you “stop whining about it.” Accept your individual magnificence, he tells us. We cannot be separate from our Creator. Truly, “There is no place to hide and nowhere to go.”

When Jeshua talks about “creating as Christ” he encourages us with “You think as God thinks, and God thinks lovingly. God thinks infinitely, timelessly, patiently, certainly, and above all, God thinks playfully – full of play!” In today’s world, it seems that most of us have forgotten how to play.

One especially significant thought he shared, at least for me, given my recent car accident, was this: He reminds us that “I and my Father are one!” And then he states, “You on the other hand have said, ‘That sounds very good, I and my Father are one. Oh, here is a pebble that says my car needs to break down today.’” I nearly sullied myself when I read that. He was talking to me!

His last paragraph in the Lesson speaks directly to what I’ve been seeing as chaos in the world. “Beloved and holy friends, remember that I come not to bring peace to the world, but to shake it up so that those beings that make up the world can discover where true peace is truly hidden – within themselves. And where Heaven abides – within themselves. And where Christ lives – within themselves.”

That statement helps me to adjust my view of the world, and remember that all is truly in perfect order.

“You Are My Only One”

I’ve been in a prolonged “funk” over events from the last year that left me feeling hopeless and uninspired. This included an accident with my car on Christmas night that has since left me without transportation.

I was journaling about this on Monday, but fortunately was rescued by two wonderful friends who came to town to do “the big shopping.” We piled into their vehicle and went directly to lunch. We then zoomed around to different shops and stores to get everything done. I felt better after spending time in their loving presence, but was still more on the morose side than cheery.

Yesterday, a very talented healer gifted me two hours of her time and expertise, after which I felt rejuvenated. Following that, we went to lunch, and shared stories of horses and travel. We laughed a good deal. One phrase she shared with me made me laugh but also made me think. “Surrender yourself daily to God, and then go forth and sin bravely.”

I woke up this morning with a James Taylor song running through my brain. The lyrics are something like this: “You are my only one. You are my only one. Don’t be leavin’ me now. Just believe in me now. You are my only one.” I considered it a message from Jeshua, a booster of faith – sorely needed and readily supplied.

So I turned to The Way of Mastery this morning, in anticipation of our monthly gathering this coming Sunday. Lesson 8 is “Dropping Pebbles into the Pool of Awareness.” I read the first three pages, and had to restrain myself from highlighting nearly every line.

Jeshua’s lessons are sometimes (well, most of the time for me) like eating a really rich meal. I can only take small bites, and I have to chew on them for a very long time. So I turned to Anita Moorjani’s book, What If This Is Heaven? and continued my spiritual meal there. I was already in the middle of her chapter, “Myth: Spiritual People Don’t Have Egos” and found great comfort in her perspective. I would like to share with you what I consider to be a very powerful paragraph.

“I notice that when I remember who I truly am – that I am divinity expressing through this body, through this personality, this ego, this culture, this life – the people around me change and react to what I am feeling within myself…My circumstances change, and my reactions to situations change. I believe that each and every one of us is powerful beyond belief, and none of us is deprived of this power. It’s only our beliefs and our conditioning that blind us to the numinous, or universal force within…”

Dear Ones – my New Year’s wish for you is this: find strength through family, friends and love, wherever and whenever those things appear on your radar. Every encounter with another, or an idea in a book, is an opportunity for true spiritual growth. Share freely these ideas and this love. You never know how much a positive influence you can have. Just trust that you will. Happy New Year.

Seeking Wisdom

Sometimes I think the biggest challenge I have with the information that Jeshua conveys to us in this book is finding myself worthy of the love and compassion he promotes. When he tells us that we are loved beyond measure, I think to myself, “But you don’t know the depths of my self-doubt and self-loathing.” And then, I think again, and am sure that he does. But those are on me. I must find a way out of those self-judgments.

Fortunately, there are so many incredible minds who are sharing their experiences and their hearts in such open ways. Several years ago I read Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me. She chronicled her fear of cancer, and her subsequent challenge with end-stage cancer, after a long journey of employing both Eastern and Western medicine regimens to “battle” the cancer.

What happened for Anita was a Near Death Experience (NDE) where she found that the only thing she needed to understand was how much she was loved and treasured by her creator. For her, unconditional self-love gave her the impetus she needed to be cured of her cancer in a week. Despite her disfiguring tumors, and the fact that her lungs were filled with fluid, she came back from the brink, and was cancer-free in only a few days.

I recently found her newest book, What if This is Heaven? at the bookstore where I sometimes work. I couldn’t resist. And in it, I found some of the answers I’ve been hunting. What is gratifying to me is that, despite her experience of what I believe was her “finding the face of God,” she still had doubts. She still found herself in the duality of our world, and she also found that, in the face of her fear of a resurgence of her cancer, she had given her power away to someone else. Until she took her power back.

Her book explores the cultural myths that keep us glued to our dis-empowerment. She explores how our fears flatten us, disenfranchise us, keep us from our own glory and happiness. Which brings me back to The Way of Mastery.

Jeshua relates his own story, seeing the shimmering of magnificence behind each person he meets. He reminds us, continually, that we are the product of a most magnificent Love. I want to trust that concept. I want to know that Love. I must only, simply, maintain that faith, and allow no doubt to enter. And I take heart in Anita’s story that, although she has “been there and back,” and that doubt can take up residence, it can be overcome with Love.

I wish you that kind of Love, that it be with you and comfort you constantly, especially during the Holiday Season. Much Love to you all. Gail

“Nothing Will Be Unacceptable to You”

I’ve been thinking about why I miss Evelyn so much. I usually don’t grieve for folks who have passed – in my mind I celebrate their transition.

Early this morning I realized that Evelyn had been a tremendous role model for me, and for many others, I’m sure. She had achieved what I wrestle with daily – becoming the Mind of Christ. Jeshua reminds us that when we do achieve that state of mind – “nothing will be unacceptable to you.” (The Way of Mastery, page 90). And that was how it was with her.

As a psychotherapist, she was well aware of the deep fissures in our world over culture, society, race; so many opportunities to pit “us against them.” But she had come to a place in her spiritual growth where nothing was unacceptable to her. She was never in disagreement, never in opposition, never at war within or without. She believed that everything was under the watchful eye of a loving and benevolent Creator, and trusted that the bigger picture was one full of Love.

When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, she chose to have surgery, but declined any follow-up treatments. She felt she understood the lesson of the illness, and that was really the only important thing. She had shared with me that her family did not understand that at the time. They encouraged her to “fight” the cancer. But she told them that she did not want to be at war with her own body. No opposition, no discord, only Love. And so, I can see now, that she allowed the cancer to love her to death.

She was very close with her family, and they were kind enough to contact many of us to let us know of her passing. This is how they described their “little sister, Evie.”

If Evelyn knew you even a little, she had love in her heart for you. That’s who she was. She always looked for the best in people. She usually found it. Over the last few weeks, messages from friends and clients came pouring in, stories of love and changed lives and transformation and redemption. As a counselor and psychotherapist, she helped people through some of the most difficult days in their lives. As a sister and a friend, she was everything you could ever hope for – present; funny; wise and loving.

So I can see now why this is so hard. I’ve lost my guide and mentor, someone who walked pretty solidly in Jeshua’s footsteps. I’m grateful for the inspiration she has given me. But for now and a little while longer, I’m gonna miss the shit out of her. And that’s OK.

Remembering to Practice Love

I last saw my good friend, Evelyn, on the second Sunday in October. On the second Friday in November, she made her transition from this world to the next. I’ve felt both relief and sadness for all of us, her friends, her family, the larger community where she served so willingly and joyfully. She considered herself one of the most fortunate people to be alive with work that was rewarding, a peaceful home in a very pretty place, and her own good buddy, Scout, her therapy Pomeranian.

Her death came on the heels of a chaotic week in politics. I like to think of myself as well-informed, but I’ve been obsessing over the news like an addict. Today I was finally able to practice some reason again as I re-read Pam Grout’s most excellent new book, Thank and Grow Rich. Pam is a student of A Course in Miracles as well as The Way of Mastery. Reading her book has helped to restore some sanity. And Evelyn’s mantra continues to run across my mind’s eye – “Choose Only Love.”

I read somewhere fairly recently that all circumstances are pushing us ever more toward Love. It’s the one thing we really haven’t tried on a large scale. And if I look at the world today, I find lots of inspiration to send love – to the war-torn areas of the world, to the stranded cows in New Zealand after the earthquake, to our national and world leaders who carry such grave responsibilities on their shoulders, to the grief-stricken people around the world, in my community, in my own home.

There is a wonderful book of short stories, compiled by Mark Andreas titled Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree. In each story, love triumphs over any situation, large or small – a prison riot in China; a despotic warlord overtaking a group of missionaries in Africa; two Chicago cops who break up domestic disputes by acting silly, and at least 10 others.

We must each do our part. As Peruvian shaman don Americo Yabar liked to remind his students, “All you can do is the best you can do today.” Love can and does heal everything. We just need to remember to practice it. So feel free to practice with joy and abandon.

“Choose Only Love”

My friend Evelyn’s journey is nearly over. She was transferred from the hospital to hospice on Friday night. And although today is only a week since I found out about her condition and three weeks and a day since we were sipping tea on my patio, it feels much longer than that.

After two days on my own, trying to put the pieces together, I finally called her sister and asked for some of the missing information. This is what I learned. A week and a day after our last afternoon together, the bone cancer reached a tipping point. Evelyn was wracked by pain, so much so that she had her brother take her to the hospital. X-rays revealed two large tumors, one on her mid-spine, the other wrapped around her pelvic girdle. The pain they induced was nauseating. Evelyn could not eat or drink, could not move, could not tolerate light or sound.

Her sister told me that Evelyn insisted that the room be darkened and that there be very little activity. She needed all her strength and focus to manage her pain. At some point, Evelyn relayed to her family that she had been given a vision and a mantra which she began to repeat nearly unceasingly, and wanted to make sure her friends could share it, too. “Choose Only Love” was what she wanted us to remember. “Choose Only Love.”

Anyone familiar with The Way of Mastery will recognize the voice of Jeshua in that mantra. I gifted her the book for her birthday in 2012. She told me that she frequently recommended it to clients, and that she had just recently finished it – again.

As Jeshua so kindly reminds us:

“When your life is given to being only the presence of Love for no other reason than that you want it to be, you will know – because you will be – the Truth that sets all things free…”

This is how my friend has lived her life, and shared her life with others. She met resistance, fear, confusion, heartbreak – all challenges – with Love. She never had to make anyone else wrong or bad or see them as anything other than what they truly are; adored children of our Loving Creator, just as we, ourselves, are.

Through her heartfelt actions, in the face of unbearable pain, I find inspiration to look at the world lovingly, in spite of, and because of, what appears to be chaos occurring on our small blue sphere of a planet.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Jeshua’s words from A Course in Miracles remind us that we are so much more than what we perceive ourselves to be – connected, eternal, the distilled essence of the love that created us.

This is how I will remember Evelyn – that beacon of Love who happened to sit on my patio and sipped tea with me, shortly before she expanded into the energy of the cosmos. I will see her in the stars, and remember: “Choose Only Love.”