What do I truly desire?

Hi. My name is Gail. I am inviting you to join me in my search to become what I believe I truly am – an adored, unique child of the universe, with the capabilities, like my teacher Jeshua ben Joseph, to become Christ consciousness.

Like many seekers, I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles. I found it difficult and often intimidating, although I loved the workbook. Fortunately for me, I found a group in Denver dedicated to not only “The Course” but to an incredible book, The Way of Mastery, that many call an update to “The Course.” I spent two years with that group, co-leading discussions on some Sundays, and then I was able to move back to my favorite Colorado town and bring the wisdom of that study with me.

Like “The Course,” The Way of Mastery is also channeled material. The kindness and compassion with which it is written calls to the depths of my soul. It is this wisdom that I want to share, as well as my own journey for acquiring(?), attaining(?) allowing(?) it in my life.

There are other books out there that I believe act as signposts on this journey, and I’ll be referring to their teachings, too. Mostly, though, I want to chronicle the journey of one ordinary person trying to incorporate Christ consciousness into one’s life in this time and place.

I want to reach a broader audience and get more feedback on these thoughts and concepts, so I am reaching out to you, dear reader, and asking that you take this journey with me, offering your own stories and wisdom.

Now seems like a good time to start this endeavor. As I write this in May of 2016, I can attest that the world seems to have gone a bit askew. It seems only rational to try to build something more beautiful. I hope you’ll join me on this quest. Thank you.