Seeking Wisdom

Sometimes I think the biggest challenge I have with the information that Jeshua conveys to us in this book is finding myself worthy of the love and compassion he promotes. When he tells us that we are loved beyond measure, I think to myself, “But you don’t know the depths of my self-doubt and self-loathing.” And then, I think again, and am sure that he does. But those are on me. I must find a way out of those self-judgments.

Fortunately, there are so many incredible minds who are sharing their experiences and their hearts in such open ways. Several years ago I read Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me. She chronicled her fear of cancer, and her subsequent challenge with end-stage cancer, after a long journey of employing both Eastern and Western medicine regimens to “battle” the cancer.

What happened for Anita was a Near Death Experience (NDE) where she found that the only thing she needed to understand was how much she was loved and treasured by her creator. For her, unconditional self-love gave her the impetus she needed to be cured of her cancer in a week. Despite her disfiguring tumors, and the fact that her lungs were filled with fluid, she came back from the brink, and was cancer-free in only a few days.

I recently found her newest book, What if This is Heaven? at the bookstore where I sometimes work. I couldn’t resist. And in it, I found some of the answers I’ve been hunting. What is gratifying to me is that, despite her experience of what I believe was her “finding the face of God,” she still had doubts. She still found herself in the duality of our world, and she also found that, in the face of her fear of a resurgence of her cancer, she had given her power away to someone else. Until she took her power back.

Her book explores the cultural myths that keep us glued to our dis-empowerment. She explores how our fears flatten us, disenfranchise us, keep us from our own glory and happiness. Which brings me back to The Way of Mastery.

Jeshua relates his own story, seeing the shimmering of magnificence behind each person he meets. He reminds us, continually, that we are the product of a most magnificent Love. I want to trust that concept. I want to know that Love. I must only, simply, maintain that faith, and allow no doubt to enter. And I take heart in Anita’s story that, although she has “been there and back,” and that doubt can take up residence, it can be overcome with Love.

I wish you that kind of Love, that it be with you and comfort you constantly, especially during the Holiday Season. Much Love to you all. Gail