“The Way is Easy and Without Effort”

Our Way of Mastery study group met last Sunday to discuss Lesson 10, “The Way is Easy and Without Effort.” This appeared to me to be where “the rubber meets the road.” Jeshua is asking us to spend seven weeks preparing to become the Christ, and he is very specific in his instructions. They are simple – spend five minutes every day after your meditation being the mind of Christ. Be the creator, as your Source created you. And after seven weeks, allow yourself to be re-birthed as Christ. Find a place to overlook your physical world, rise before dawn and make your way to that place. Close your eyes, and bask in the warmth of the rising sun as you greet this new “birth” day. Jeshua asks us to say within ourselves:

“Death has occurred, and now the birth of Christ is at hand. Father, I accept fully your will for me. Your will is only that I be happy and use time to extend my treasure.
Now I receive the warmth of your Light and your Love.”

I have not yet chosen my new “birth” day, but one in our group told us that his will be April 1. I teased him that the day was “April Fools’ Day” and he was able to set me straight on that. According to this student, April 1 used to be the first day of the new year, until Emperor Janus changed it to the first of January, in honor of his own name. Those who still clung to the April 1 date were considered “April Fools.” Who knew? So now I see the appropriateness of his choice of dates – a new year, indeed.

As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with the worthiness of becoming as Jeshua asks. Fortunately, there are others who have wrestled with this as well, and have written and spoken most eloquently on how to heal that.

I recently discovered writer and teacher, Adyashanti, whose Buddhist name translates to “primordial peace.” He has a two-CD set, “Healing the Core Wound of Unworthiness” and a great book titled Resurrecting Jesus. One of the issues he points out in both works is the difference between the Eastern and Western approaches to the idea of separation. In Buddhist thinking, it is just a misguided idea, one that is simply not true.

In Western religion, it is a fatal flaw. It is the original sin, one that we brought upon ourselves, and there is no getting over it. We’re born in sin, we spend our whole lives trying to deserve or win God’s attention, but in the end, we must confess our sins or go straight to hell. No wonder we’re afraid of death, and no wonder that many of us feel unworthy of the Love of our Creator.

And here is where Jeshua’s teachings, all so compassionate and loving and present, are here to help us out of that pit. He asks only that we sit for five minutes a day, being the Mind of Christ.

Jeshua elaborates and encourages us to say these things to ourselves: “I am already that which I seek. I need only allow it to guide me. While this body lasts, I will allow it to be a communication device that extends the treasure of perfect Love, perfect safety, and perfect peace to all who enter my [presence].”

A last quote from our brother and friend:

“This Earth is a beautiful place, but it is only a pale reflection of the radiant, transcendent beauty of the good and the holy that pervades my Father’s creation. Love it, embrace it, thank it, but do not cling to it.

Learn, then, to teach only Love.”