Lightworkers along the way

In my quest to find the “right” way along the path to peace, I am continually amazed at how many light workers are out there to help along my journey.

Last week I had two readings on Thursday. The morning one was with a local woman who does “Emotion Code” work, and the afternoon one was a phone reading from a Fort Collins intuitive.

Emotion Code work is the result of the insight and book by the same name from chiropractor Bradley Nelson. He has found a way to release “stuck” emotions from people using magnets along the “Governing Meridian” that goes from your upper lip, straight over the top of your head to the base of your spine. The Emotion Code practitioner I saw was able to release at least 25 stuck emotions, most of them my own, some of them inherited. Her technique was efficient. Her demeanor was one of gratitude and humility. It was a gift to be in her presence.

In the afternoon, I received a reading from an intuitive in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had met her several weeks prior at the bookstore where I work sporadically, and as I believe in “fate,” there are no chance encounters. I knew I needed a reading from her.

Her reading confirmed what I had learned that morning, and more so. Her reading told me that I need to pursue getting certified in Emotion Code work so that I can help others. She even brought through my good friend, Evelyn, whose passing last November brought me much consternation and dismay. We had a bit of a three-way communication, and were able to laugh about it all. It was enlightening, heartening and comforting.

I believe with my whole heart that Jeshua’s message is the guiding light in all things. But I have also found that, in this incarnation, it is imperative to connect with human talents to help me find my way. I am so grateful to my “Way of Mastery” study group, with whom I convene monthly, to help me stay on track. But I also realize that there are those on this plane who are here to help as well. For them I am grateful, too.