About the writer


Greetings, and thanks for looking at my blog. If it seems to be a bit eclectic, I credit that to my background. I see my life as some kind of Renaissance revival, and it’s all over the map.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from a California University, and a technical degree in veterinary medicine from a small two-year school in Wyoming. I’ve had a number of jobs/careers such as: professional musician; truck loader for UPS; horse trainer; marketing director for a fledging transit system; call center sales person for the world’s best toffee candy; and field staffer for a sitting U.S. congressman. Those are really just the high points. Never mind the times like the one where I was live bait for mosquitoes for a medical entomology experiment. There were lots of others like that one.

In and around all that work, I’ve been able to spend time traveling – to places like Europe, Mexico, Peru, China and Mongolia. Forays to Peru were to study with a very wise shaman, while finding footing on my path to a sustainable spiritual practice.

And that’s what this blog is all about. I think I’ve found the path that works best for me, The Way of Mastery, and I want to share this journey. I have chosen to stop “real” (paid) working for now, and am giving myself until the end of this year to see where this internal journey takes me. If you’re interested in following along, you can purchase the book from the Shanti Christo foundation. Here is their website: http://www.shantichristostore.com/the-way-of-mastery/

Thanks for checking in with me. I hope to see you back here soon.