“Choose Only Love”

My friend Evelyn’s journey is nearly over. She was transferred from the hospital to hospice on Friday night. And although today is only a week since I found out about her condition and three weeks and a day since we were sipping tea on my patio, it feels much longer than that.

After two days on my own, trying to put the pieces together, I finally called her sister and asked for some of the missing information. This is what I learned. A week and a day after our last afternoon together, the bone cancer reached a tipping point. Evelyn was wracked by pain, so much so that she had her brother take her to the hospital. X-rays revealed two large tumors, one on her mid-spine, the other wrapped around her pelvic girdle. The pain they induced was nauseating. Evelyn could not eat or drink, could not move, could not tolerate light or sound.

Her sister told me that Evelyn insisted that the room be darkened and that there be very little activity. She needed all her strength and focus to manage her pain. At some point, Evelyn relayed to her family that she had been given a vision and a mantra which she began to repeat nearly unceasingly, and wanted to make sure her friends could share it, too. “Choose Only Love” was what she wanted us to remember. “Choose Only Love.”

Anyone familiar with The Way of Mastery will recognize the voice of Jeshua in that mantra. I gifted her the book for her birthday in 2012. She told me that she frequently recommended it to clients, and that she had just recently finished it – again.

As Jeshua so kindly reminds us:

“When your life is given to being only the presence of Love for no other reason than that you want it to be, you will know – because you will be – the Truth that sets all things free…”

This is how my friend has lived her life, and shared her life with others. She met resistance, fear, confusion, heartbreak – all challenges – with Love. She never had to make anyone else wrong or bad or see them as anything other than what they truly are; adored children of our Loving Creator, just as we, ourselves, are.

Through her heartfelt actions, in the face of unbearable pain, I find inspiration to look at the world lovingly, in spite of, and because of, what appears to be chaos occurring on our small blue sphere of a planet.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Jeshua’s words from A Course in Miracles remind us that we are so much more than what we perceive ourselves to be – connected, eternal, the distilled essence of the love that created us.

This is how I will remember Evelyn – that beacon of Love who happened to sit on my patio and sipped tea with me, shortly before she expanded into the energy of the cosmos. I will see her in the stars, and remember: “Choose Only Love.”

4 thoughts on ““Choose Only Love””

  1. “Choose Only Love”….this is so moving, so powerful!
    Thank you for sharing this experience. Truly beautiful. My Mother/best friend passed from breast cancer. My heart goes out to you and your dear friend. And I am breathing….choose only love.

    1. Thank you, Cari. There is so much beauty in the middle of the pain, and so much wisdom in the process. I appreciate your comments and support.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Gail. Brought tears to my eyes and it was a message I needed to be reminded of in my own life. May her pain and suffering be over soon.

    1. Thank you, Pam. The family has shared with me that Hospice has been able to manage the pain, and she is, at last, at least comfortable. We will have a gathering of her friends next Wednesday for remembrance and comfort.

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