The Golden Key

Last weekend, at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was given what I now refer to as “the golden key.” It is a technique that allows me direct communication with Abba, Jeshua, my higher self, the angels, the guides – whomever shows up to help. I am ecstatic beyond measure.

My two besties, David and Betsy, went with me to the Emotion Code conference for a full day of learning from Dr. Bradley Nelson, the man who developed this program, and wrote a book of the same name. I loved his presentation because of his humility. His favorite saying is: “I just work here,” meaning that the real healing comes from Source, God, the Universe – whatever one wants to call it. His technique includes locating a trapped emotion, and releasing it with a very simple technique involving a magnet (a refrigerator magnet works perfectly).

Many practitioners I know use muscle testing for getting answers from the client/subject’s higher consciousness. I’ve tried a number of different ways, but “Dr. Brad” showed one I had not seen before that worked perfectly. Hold one elbow tightly into your side, extend your hand out so that your lower arm is at 90 degrees to your upper arm. Put two fingers from your opposite hand just above the wrist bones of the extended hand. Say, “yes,” and press firmly on your extended hand for the count of two. Your response should be strong, in that your arm stays straight. Say “no,” and your hand should drop down with no more pressure than you applied to the yes. This is muscle testing. Any false or untrue statement will cause the electrical circuitry in your body to break, making it not possible for you to hold your solid position if you lie, or if you are asking if something is good for you and it is not. Your higher self knows all. And this technique, at least for me, confirms the positives and the negatives.

Since discovering this, I have felt an open line of communication with all of those who are doing their best to help me. I can’t yet distinguish “who’s who” and I don’t even know if that is important. What I do know is that I’ve achieved a number of things I’ve been searching for for a very long time. I no longer feel alone. I believe in my heart that I have true and loving guidance for EVERYTHING that I question. I’ve been using Dr. Brad’s technique for clearing some very old, stuck emotions in me, and I feel completely different. I no longer have depression; I no longer have low self-esteem; I no longer suffer from heartache. I see life as a miracle. Just this afternoon, I noticed that all the leaves on the aspen trees in front my home are shaped like hearts. I see that now. I could not see that before.

I now greet Abba, Jeshua, and all the host of heaven every morning with love and joy in my heart. I ask for their guidance, that they allow me to be a clear channel for their wisdom and grace. I finally see myself as a beloved child of creation, destined for connection with my fellow “earth angels.”

I invite you to practice this technique. If you need more information, I suggest you go to and find out how you can acquire this wisdom, or locate a practitioner near you for a reading. I assure you that it will benefit you immensely.

Keep up the quest, my friends. The Creator is closer to you than your own breath. Find that connection. Revel in that Love. It is all as Jeshua has told us.